How does CHNA 23/South Shore Community Partners in Prevention receive its funding?

South Shore Community Partners in Prevention receives its funding through the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Determination of Need (DoN) program. DoN was established by the Legislature in 1971 to encourage equitable geographic and socioeconomic access to health care services, help maintain standards of quality, and constrain overall health care costs by eliminating duplication of expensive technologies, facilities and services.

Before hospitals and other health care providers may offer or expand certain services ‐‐ or acquire advanced clinical technologies ‐‐ they must demonstrate to the Massachusetts Public Health Council that there is a pressing community need for the project that cannot be addressed in other ways. If the Public Health Council “determines the need” for a project, hospitals and other health providers must agree to contribute five percent of the project’s maximum capital investment to address public health priorities. This contribution is called DoN Community Health Initiative (CHI) funding.

FY2013 Funding (July 1, 2012 ‐ June 30, 2013): $93,385

  • Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Plymouth: $27,385
  • South Shore Hospital: $66,000